Add to Batch Feature

The Add to Batch feature is a tool that allows you to save time and gas fees by allowing you to execute functions in Bulk. This tool will allow you to create Listings in bulk, create Bundles of NFTs to sell as one, and to Transfer NFTs in bulk to other wallets.

How to Add to Batch:

  1. Access you Inventory Located in the My Profile menu.

  2. Once you have decided which NFTs you would like to Add to Batch, you can either scroll over the NFT card and click on the (...) menu, then click Add to Batch OR you can click on the (+) icon at the top right of your NFT card.

  1. Once you have chosen all of the NFTs, they will appear on the Batch List on the right side of your screen.

  2. You now have 3 options that you can execute in bulk.