Apply for Brands

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Brands - The purpose of this menu is two-fold, 1.) Allows project owners/devs to consolidate their multiple collections into one profile to easily showcase their work to their communities. 2.) Allows users to easily access all of the collections within a single Brand.

Any project owner/dev with multiple collections can apply for a Brands profile, however there is specific criteria to be showcased in this section of our platform.


How to Apply

  1. Head over to our Discord and open a ticket.

To get your own brand page, you must meet the criteria below:

  • At least 2 collections approved on Ebisu's Bay
  • Cursory review of the collections to ensure it's not a rug
  • Provide all brand information (below)

To create your Brand Profile, we will require the below information:

  • Official Brand name
  • Brand description
  • Collection addresses to be included
  • Primary Banner: 300px tall by at least 1920px wide
  • Preview Banner: 1920x1080px
  • Website and socials
  • Any specific order for the collections to be placed in

To also be added to the main brands page, eligibility is based on several key factors:

  • Age of the brand
  • Prominence in the Cronos ecosystem
  • Partnership status with Ebisu's Bay
  • Sales volume on Ebisu's Bay
  • Various reputation considerations (KYC, etc...)
  • Provide all brand information (below)

Note: You can send all of the requested information in the same ticket. If you are providing a Discord Invite link, you can only provide the unique ID at the end of the URL (our bot will delete Discord links).