Batch - Create Bundles

Create a Bundle by utilizing Add to Batch Feature:

Create a Bundle will allow you to create a single listing with multiple NFTs bundled together. Think of it as creating 1 single NFT from multiple NFTs (up to 40 NFTs). This will allow you to get creative and offer a bundle that will be too hard to pass up!

  1. After following the steps above and added NFTs to batch, choose the Create a Bundle option at the top of your screen.

  2. Create a title for your bundle.

  3. Add a description of the specifics of your bundle (optional).

  4. If your NFT reads Approve Contract, then you will have to click on that icon and approve the on-chain transaction. This transaction will give permission to Ebisu's Bay to transfer the NFTs out of your wallet if sold. This approval is only needed once per collection.

  5. You can change the quantity by clicking on the (-) or (+) or remove/delete NFTs by clicking on the trash can icon.

  6. Once you've finalized your list, click on Create Bundle and sign the on-chain transaction.

  7. Your bundle is now created! Note: if you want to sell your newly created bundle, you will have to go back to your Inventory and select the Bundle. Follow the Listings instructions.

Note: Once a bundle is created, it might change location within your Inventory. Carefully go through your collection to find the new bundle or click on the sorting/filter icon and find the Ebisu's Bay NFT bundles.