Apply for Launchpad

Visit Ebisu's Bay Website and Become a Creator .

If your project wishes to be considered to be dropped/launched on Ebisu's Bay Platform, click on the link above and fill out the application. Applying does not guarantee acceptance. You will be contacted by the Curated Team with results regarding your application.

Applying will be the first step in the application process. If accepted, you will begin conversations with the Curated Team regarding specifics about your project (technical requirements, available launch dates, pricing/fees, etc.).

Although wait times to receive feedback may vary, the typical wait time is roughly 1 week (excludes weekends and holidays). Please continue to monitor the email address provided, as that will be the main means of communication. If after 2 weeks you have not received feedback, please feel free to open a ticket in our discord channel.

If you have specific questions about our launchpad process, feel free to open a Discord Ticket.

Launchpad Request Application on Ebisu's Bay

Launchpad Request Application on Ebisu's Bay