Bridging CRO to Cronos Mainnet

CRO currently exists in 3 different chains (networks):

  1. Cronos
  3. ERC20 (Ethereum)

For the purposes of interacting with Ebisu’s Bay Marketplace, you will choose Cronos Network.

There are several options for you to bridge CRO to Cronos Network:

  1. Purchase CRO on app and withdraw to a Cronos (EVM) compatible wallet (Defi and MetaMask are
    most popular).

  2. Purchase CRO (Cronos option) on DeFi Wallet and connect to Ebisu’s Bay utilizing “Browser” feature (DeFi Wallet is
    already set up to be utilized on Cronos chain).

  3. Utilize “Cronos Bridge” feature on DeFi Wallet). This feature allows you to transfer CRO between Cronos chain and in a matter of seconds and at a very low cost.


Cronos Bridge feature can be found on DeFi Wallet app