Bulk Transfers

How to Transfer NFTs (In Bulk) utilizing Add to Batch Feature:

  1. Locate your Inventory page, and decide which NFTs you would like to transfer.

  2. You can either click on the (...) menu of each NFT and click on Add to Batch, or you can click on the (+) icon located at the top right corner of each NFT card.

  1. Once you have selected all of the NFTs you wish to transfer, they will appear on the right side of your screen.

  2. Ensure you switch the top menu to Transfer (as shown in image below).

  3. Ensure you paste the correct receiving wallet address in the Recipient box.

  4. Ensure you approve contracts for each NFT. This gives Ebisu's permission to transfer NFTs out of your wallet into the recipient's wallet (this only needs to be approved once per collection).

  5. Once you have completed the above steps, click on Transfer Items and approve the ensuing wallet transaction. Once confirmed, the NFTs will automatically transfer to the recipient's wallet.


Warning - Always ensure you pay close attention that the receiving address is the correct address. Once you approve the transaction, your NFT will not be recoverable if sent to wrong address