Connect Wallet

Once your wallet has been set up with Cronos network, you will be ready to connect and interact with Ebisu's Bay!

First: Always ensure you are connected to the legitimate dApp: . It is a good practice to bookmark the site and always access it from your bookmarks. Always check that you are using the correct URL.

  1. Click on the Wallet Menu connected at the top of the site. When no wallet is connected, a blue "wallet" icon will be shown.

Click on Blue Icon to connect wallet.

  1. A menu will appear providing you with the 3 different wallet options (Note: If you do not have Metamask or Defi Wallet installed, they will not appear as an option). <-- (HUNGRY - Not sure this is true) Click on the desired wallet and you will then be asked to type your Password for that respective wallet (You can always disconnect a wallet and reconnect other wallets as needed).

Wallets supported on Ebisu's Bay

  1. Your wallet is now connected! You will be able to verify by noticing the colorful circle that has now replaced the former blue icon. Note: Each wallet will have a unique avatar with different designs/colors. This will aid you in quickly identifying your wallets. The same wallet will always show the same avatar unless you change the wallet settings. (<<---- Hungry/Dave - should we call it profile avatar??)

Wallet Menu shows a connected wallet.

  1. You can now access all the features of the platform by clicking on your wallet menu. This menu will also be utilized to disconnect your wallet. (Hungry - there's newer version of this display w 'buy CRO' button to explain)

Clicking on wallet menu will expose all available options.