How Do I Get Started With NFTs?

The NFT world is an exciting one! And you can easily participate! You will need the below items to be get started:

  1. Crypto Wallet
  2. Crypto
  3. A Marketplace

Crypto Wallet – Allows you to safely store and transfer your digital assets. Wallets give you control over your own crypto and allow you to purchase NFTs and to receive funds when you sell. Ebisu’s Bay is a marketplace that lives on the Cronos chain, so you will need an EVM compatible wallet. The 2 most popular wallets used on Cronos chain are CDC Defi Wallet and MetaMask wallet (however, any EVM compatible wallet will work). Both wallets have PC and mobile versions. Please ensure to always download wallets from legitimate sources/links. Note: If utilizing MetaMask or other EVM-compatible wallet, you may be required to manually add Cronos Chain by visiting the network settings on your wallet.

Crypto – Once your wallet is set up, you will need to import your desired crypto tokens. To trade on Ebisu’s Bay, you will need to transfer Cronos chain (CRO) to your wallet. Some wallets allow you to purchase tokens directly from the wallet, if this is not an option, you will need to purchase tokens on a centralized exchange (such as and transfer the tokens to your wallet. Once you have CRO, you are ready to purchase/mint! Note: Always remember to keep enough CRO in your wallet to cover gas fees.

Marketplace – Ebisu’s Bay is the first and largest marketplace on the Cronos chain! Stop by our marketplace and browse through thousands of NFTs! Feel free to stop by our Discord and chat with our community to get the scoop on the newest and hottest collections! We are looking forward to seeing you!