How to Accept Offers

Note: If you would like to receive notifications when you receive an offer, you will need to Edit Account and create a profile. If your profile is not enabled, then you will not receive notifications but can still view your offers in the My Offers menu.

How to Accept Offers:

  1. Go to My Offers tab located in the wallet menu.

Got to My Offers menu to manage Offers made to your NFTs

  1. On the left side of your screen, click on Direct Offers. On this screen you will see any offers made specifically to the NFTs you own.

All offers made to any NFT in your collection will appear here.

  1. If you would like to accept the offer, click on Accept. Confirm the on-chain transaction. You will automatically receive CRO in your wallet and your NFT will be transferred to the new owner. Note: This differs from selling NFTs, where CRO goes into Escrow for you to claim.

  2. If you are not interested in the offer, then you have 2 options. A.) Reject the offer by clicking on Reject (this will require you to sign a transaction that will cost you gas) or B.) Simply ignore the offer until the original owner cancels it.

  3. Reminder: Public Offers can be accepted by you if you own that specific ERC-1155 NFT. Collection Offers can be accepted by you if you own an NFT in that collection. You cannot Reject offers in these two categories.

Receiving Notifications

If you wish to receive notifications when an offer is made on your NFTs, please go to Edit Account and create a profile. You can then head over to ! Notification Settings and select your preferences.


Notification Settings

Once you receive an Offer (Note: Offers will only be visible if it is at least 50% of floor price. Any offers below that threshold will not be visible), you will see a blue notification next to your wallet menu.


Notification icon

By clicking on the notification icon, you will be able to view the specific offer received, as well as get routed to that NFT if you click on the notification.


Details of your notification