How to Sell

Once you are ready to part ways with NFTs in your Inventory, one of your options is to list your NFTs for sale.

How to List NFTs for Sale:

  1. Access your Inventory by accessing via My Profile in the wallet menu.

  2. Put your cursor/mouse over the NFT card and you will see the Sell option or the (...) menu at the bottom of the card.

  3. You can either click on the (...) menu and select Sell or simply click on Sell at the bottom of the NFT card.

  1. Simply input your desired price under Listing Price and click on Confirm Listing.

Note: If you have not sold an NFT from a collection, you will first be asked to Approve that particular collection. By approving the collection, you give Ebisu's permission to transfer your NFT out of your wallet only until the NFT is sold. Always remember to confirm/double check you typed in the correct Listing Price. You will also get the opportunity to see the the breakdown of how much CRO you will receive once the NFT is sold.