How to Transfer NFTs

You can easily and safely transfer NFTs from wallet to wallet. You can do it 1 by 1, or you can send them in Bulk (up to 100 at a time).

How to Transfer NFTs (individually):

  1. Head over to your Inventory menu by clicking on your wallet menu and going to My Profile.

  2. From your Inventory, find the NFT you would like to transfer.

  3. To Transfer a single NFT, click on the (...) menu, and then click on Transfer**.

  1. Simply paste the wallet address where this NFT is meant to be transferred and confirm transaction.

You may be asked to first Approve the collection. This will prompt your wallet menu to confirm a transaction. This transaction is designed to give Ebisu's permission to transfer NFTs out of your wallet. You only need to do this once for each collection.


Warning - Always ensure you pay close attention that the receiving address is the correct address. Once you approve the transaction, your NFT will not be recoverable if sent to wrong address