How to Update Offers

How to Update Offers you have made:

  1. Go to My Offers tab located in the wallet menu.
  1. On the left side of your screen, click on Direct Offers. On this screen you will see any offers you have made on a specific NFT (or by clicking on Collection Offers you will be able to view any collection offers made).
  1. If you wish to update an existing offer, click on Update. You will have to sign an on-chain transaction. Once your transaction is successful, the new offer will be visible to the owner.

  2. IMPORTANT! - When updating an offer to a higher CRO value, input the new desired amount in the box provided on screen. When you confirm the transaction, the contract will only take the difference in CRO between Previous Offer and New Offer. For example: if your original offer was 16 CRO and you would like to update offer to 25 CRO, then the new on-chain transaction will ask for 9 CRO (plus gas) and the owner will now have an offer of 25 CRO for the NFT.