The Listings menu will allow you to manage all your NFTs that are currently listed for sale. You can either update your price, cancel the listing, or copy the listing location so you can share with friends or other social media.

To get to the Listings menu:

  1. Click on your wallet menu, the click on Listings
  1. From the Listings menu, you will be able manage all of your listed NFTs.

Update Your Listings

  1. If you wish to change the price of your NFT, click on Update.
  2. Enter new sale price and confirm. You will have to pay gas in order for the change to take effect.

Cancel Your Listings

  1. If you wish to cancel an existing listing, click on Cancel
  2. Confirm the on-chain transaction (will have to pay for gas), and your NFT will no longer be listed.

Sharing Your Listings

  1. By clicking on the Link icon on the right side of the NFT card, you will be able to copy the listing URL. This will allow you to share the direct link to your listing on social media or with potential buyers.

Invalid Listings


At some point, you may receive a warning from our platform stating that you have an Invalid Listing. Should you ever see this warning, you can access the NFT that is causing the error by clicking on the Invalid Listing toggle.

One of the most common scenarios where an Invalid Listing is flagged, is when a listed NFT was not delisted from the marketplace before being staked, transferred, or approval being revoked. This will cause NFTs to be sold significantly under floor price once the NFT returns to your wallet.

To fix this issue

Option 1 (Recommended) - Cancel your listings before those NFTs are returned to your wallet or approval granted.

Option 2 (AT YOUR OWN RISK, lower gas fees - Either Cancel or Update the price of the NFT as soon as it is in our wallet. This is cheaper but must be done as soon as possible to avoid users from buying your original listing before it can be cancelled/updated.

Note: No refunds will be given for sales at older prices. It is your own responsibility to cancel listings for NFTs that you stake, transfer, or revoke approval.