Market Escrow (Opt In)

What is Market Escrow?

Market Escrow is a safe and easy way for Ebisu's to display any recent funds that you have earned by selling your NFTs. Market Escrow funds are not in your wallet. You will have to click on Claim, sign the transaction, and the CRO will be deposited into your account.

Market Escrow is an optional feature. By default, Market Escrow function is disabled, meaning any sales funds will automatically be sent to your wallet. Currently, the only way to verify any received funds will be by utilizing Cronos Scan and searching in the "Internal Transactions". By opting-in to Escrow, your funds will be safely held for you until you decide to withdraw (gas fee is required).

How to Opt-In to Market Escrow

It is now possible to opt-in to Market Escrow functionality. Instead of having sales and royalties automatically deposited into your wallet, opting in to the market escrow will require you to explicitly claim your amounts from the escrow. This gives convenience to certain bookkeeping scenarios where amounts need to be tracked before they can be moved. Simply opt in our out from the account menu.


If at any point you wish to Opt-out of Escrow, then simply click on the "Opt-Out" button (This button will be visible after you Opt-in).