VIP Staking/Harvesting

If you are the proud owner of a Ryoshi Tales VIP (or Legacy VIP FM), then you will have the opportunity to stake the NFT and earn rewards. Note: Only Ryoshi VIPs or Legacy VIPs can be staked. The Founding Member cannot. [Link to info on VIP/FM]

How to Manage Your VIPs: Staking, Unstaking, Harvesting

  1. Click on your wallet menu, then click on Staking
  1. At the bottom of your screen, click on Unstaked. This will make any Ryoshi VIPs in your wallet visible. Note: If you still have not swapped your Legacy VIP for 10 Ryoshi Tales VIP, then you can view your Legacy VIPs by clicking on the Legacy VIP tab
  1. Once your VIPs are visible, scroll over the NFT card and you will see the option to Stake. You will be able to stake in "bulk" by adding several of them to your cart, which will appear on the right side of your screen. Note: You will first have to approve a smart contract, then you will be allowed to Stake

  2. Once your VIPs are staked, they will be visible on the Staked tab.

  1. From the Staked tab, you will be able to Unstake. Once you approve the on-chain transaction, the VIP will be free to be transferred/listed.

Harvesting Rewards

  1. Your rewards will be accumulated in real time. Anytime a sale is completed on Ebisu's Bay, a portion of the platform fee will be distributed to the staking contract. You may harvest your rewards at any time simply by clicking on Harvest. After you approve the on-chain transaction, the CRO will be sent to your wallet and your harvest amount will reset back to 0.00. You are free to harvest as often as you'd like!