Wallet Info Menu

Your Wallet Info menu gives you a quick snapshot of your wallet holdings, escrow, staking, and CNS balance (if applicable).

  1. Balance - This will display your current CRO amount in the connected wallet.

  2. Market Escrow - If you sell an NFT, funds from that sale will be displayed here. Market Escrow funds are not in your wallet. You will have to click on Claim, sign the transaction, and the CRO will be deposited into your account. Note: Any funds earned from accepting an offer will go directly into your wallet and will not appear on escrow

  3. Staking Rewards - If you have any Ryoshi Tales VIP staked, your current rewards will be displayed here. You can also claim your rewards from clicking on Harvest and signing the transaction. Note: The Staking menu can also be located from clicking on Staking button from the wallet menu.

  4. CNSUSD Balance - Thanks to a partnership between Cronos Name Service, all Ebisu's Bay Founding Members received $15 CNSUSD per FM owned. This airdrop allows you to redeem the tokens in exchange for your own CRO domain! You can find more information by clicking on the "Powered by CNS" link and visiting their website.

  5. Clear Cookies - The clear cookies button at the bottom of your Wallet Info menu is your first step in
    troubleshooting any issue that you may encounter. This feature will clear cookies and disconnect your wallet. In most cases, this will fix many issues. If something within our platform doesn't look right, freezes, is out of date, etc., simply clear cookies and reconnect wallet.

  6. Disconnect - This feature allows you to easily disconnect your wallet. May be utilized when you have several wallets on the same device and wish to toggle between them.